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Carlson Sign Company has a license to service and install signs in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

We employ an exceptionally qualified team of sign repair and maintenance technicians equipped to provide services for all types of signs. Every technician is properly licensed, accomplished and well-trained, guaranteeing precise and trustworthy sign repair and sign installation services.

Contact us for a survey request, a permit acquisition or a professional sign service or installation request.

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Carlson Sign Company Manufactures UL Listed Electrical Signs

The UL Mark stands for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent, not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization that was formed in 1894 to help reduce injury, loss of life and property damage. To do that, UL scientifically investigates and tests products, materials, constructions and systems to evaluate their electrical, fire and injury risks. Behind the UL Mark is a global team of more than 6,600 engineers, scientists, chemists, technicians, field representatives and support staff — a team dedicated to public safety.

Being UL Listed refers to a product. It indicates that a product has met the exacting standards of the UL, and that the manufacturer is certified to label the product with the UL Mark. Many municipalities require signs to be UL Marked to obtain a sign permit. Once the product earns the UL Mark, UL does not forget about it. UL field representatives make periodic visits to each manufacturer’s production facility to determine that the product continues to meet safety requirements. A product must continue to meet safety requirements to bear the UL Mark.

Carlson Sign Company is a properly licensed Electrical Sign Contractor and we build signs to the rigid standards of the Underwriters Laboratories. If quality, safety and reliability are important to you, or if the government permitting agency that must approve your sign requires a UL Marked sign, please consider Carlson Sign Company for your sign requirements.

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